2 Months Later

Jack opened my car door and held his arm out, waiting for me to take it. We walked into the movie theatre with our pre-paid tickets in my hand and a large popcorn in the his.

Jack and I started going out last week and we were finally going on our first date. No one knew…


nowaitwhatishappening asked:

Can I have a dirty imagine with Sam?

bands-are-addicting answered:

Sam Imagine #1

This imagine contains sexual content, so if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t read it.

Also this is my first imagine and a smut too, so please don’t expect too much.. Feedback is appreciated :)

You sat in the back of the tourbus with Sam, Gilinsky and Jake. The Jacks and Sam were currently on tour and Sam asked if you wanted to tag along. You gladly accepted since you didn’t want to be separated from him so long and being good friends with Gilinsky and Johnson, it was quite a funny experience.

You were comfortably seated in Sam’s lap, his arms wrapped around your waist securely. Music blared through the tourbus and everyone minded their own business, leaving you slightly bored.

“Sam.” you whispered as you turned around. “Hmm..” he hummed, looking into your eyes. “I’m bored.” you whined. “Well…” he answered, losening his grip on you, letting his fingers wander to your sides. “N…NO!” you managed to yell before he dragged his fingers along your sides, making you screech and twist around in his lap. “St..S-Stop, Saaaam!” you pressed out, struggling to breathe because of your laughter. Sam suddenly let out a throaty groan, stopping his movements on your waist. “Shit, Y/N.” he pressed out, as you hung in his arms and felt something poking the back of your thigh. Knowing what happened, a mischievous grin spread across your face as you tried to stand up. Sam was fast to grab your waist, pulling you back on his lap. “Don’t you dare.” he growled in your ear as you giggled. Now you knew how to cure your boredom. You sat up straight and turned around slightly, leaning in to whisper into Sam’s ear. “Let’s have some fun, shall we?” you whispered seductively, making his eyes flutter close, struggling to suppress a moan. “Y/N. Don’t start what you can’t finish.” he answered in a warning tone. “Who said we won’t finish this?” you asked back and pressed your butt into his crotch, resulting in Sam letting out a loud groan. Jack and Jake looked up with confused looks on their faces. Jack then saw Sam’s flushed cheeks and the grin on your face, making his confused face turn into a disgusted one. “Uh, Jake, I suggest we probably go outside to, um… play some football maybe?” he said, standing up and pulling Jake with him who gave him a confused look but went with him anyway. “Keep it in your pants until we’re outside Sam!” Gilinsky shouted while walking out. As soon as you heard the door of the bus close, Sam pushed you back onto the sofa, hovering over you and smashing his lips on yours. He glided his tongue along your bottom lip, begging for access, which you denied. He let his hands wander down your sides to your butt. Suddenly squeezing it, you yelped in surprise, Sam using it to push his tongue into your mouth. The both of you fought for dominance, him winning like usual. Your hands went to the waistband of his shorts, fumbling around. He let go of your lips and pulled of your shirt, kissing a trail from your jaw, along your collarbones, to your chest and down your stomach, reaching your shorts. “Sam, fucking hurry.” you said as he stopped his movements to look up at you smirking. “Unpatient, are we?” “Fuck you.” you hissed as he let the waistband of your panties slap against your skin. Having enough of his teasing, you took him by his shirt, pushing him down onto the sofa, taking control. “Shit, babe.” he said, unclasping your bra and throwing it through the room. You smirked. “These need to go.” you said, pointing to his pants. You grinded your crotch against his before standing up and pulling down his basketballshorts, seeing the prominent bulge in his boxers. Sam took of his shirt und started to unbutton your shorts, nearly ripping them off along with your panties. Kneeling down, you laid your hand on his bulge, slowly palming him through his boxers. He threw his head back, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. “F..Fuck, baby, no teasing today, I need you now.” he breathed out, taking off his boxers himself. Sam grabbed your hips, positioning you over his hardened dick, gliding one finger along your folds. “So wet.” he whispered before lining up with your entrance. You slowly glided onto him, letting your eyes flutter close and moaning out loud. “Y/N, open your eyes babe.” Sam whispered, “I want you to look me in the eyes while riding me.” he gripped your hips, helping you bouncing up and down. Leaning down, you sloppily connected your lips together, his tongue roaming your mouth. Taking you by surprise, he gripped your hips harder, turning you both around, he still inside of you. Sam immediately started to pound into you, your body jerking forward with every thrust. You screamed out in pleasure, scratching your nails down his back, surely leaving marks. He took your legs, putting them over his shoulders, hitting your g-spot with every thrust now. “Jesus.. H..-Harder Sam!” you panted, gripping on his biceps. Waves of pleasure rushed through you as Sam immediately obliged and went harder, going deeper with every thrust. “Keep them open, Y/N.” he breathed out as your eyes started to flutter close again. You did your best, but with Sam pounding into you regardlessly, it was hard to obey his order. His hands wandered to your breasts, pinching your nipples while connecting your lips once again. Wandering down with his mouth, he started sucking on your neck, down the valley of your breasts, leaving marks. Adding to the handshaped bruises on your hips you were sure that were going to be there tomorrow. “I..I’m cumming, S-SAM!” you screamed out. The room was filled with moans and his grunts, as he let his hand glide to your clit, rubbing furiously. “Come on Y/N, cum for me. Be a good girl.” this was everything you needed to let go. Waves of pleasure washed through your body as black dots clouded your vision. You felt Sam shooting his load into you, grunting and throwing his head back as he did so, as you went limp underneath him. He rode out both of your orgasms and laid down on top of you, still not pulling out. “That was..” “Fucking amazing.” he finished your sentence, kissing your jaw. Sam moved to lay next to you, pulling out and wrapping you in his arms. Tracing his biceps with your fingertips, he pulled you in a kiss, full of passion and love. “I love you, Y/N. I truly do.” Sam whispered, looking you in the eyes. You smiled softly, kissing him once again. “I love you too, Sam. I truly do.” Just as you finished your sentence you heard the door of the tourbus open. “I assume that you’re finished” Johnson shouted, “since we can’t hear you anymore outside the bus.” Your cheeks flushed a bright pink as you hid your face in Sam’s neck, feeling his chest vibrate as he started to laugh.

I really can’t say if this imagine is good or not, so PLEASE send in feedback so I know what to do better the next time. :)


Look Who’s Come to Play - Part 2


Part 1

You heard footsteps come back over to the bed. “Looks like someone’s come to play,” Sam spoke, “Do you want to see him?” His fingers ran along your neck and up the side of your face, his fingertips gently teasing the silk over your eyes as your lips parted releasing your heavy breaths.


Part 2

* smutty smut smut warning, threesome with Sam and Gilinsky *

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